Health Insurance And Claim Process

Comprehensive health insurance is the need of hour. With medical facilities cheap car insurance becoming dearer day by day the working class can rest at peace only if they have a good health insurance policy in place. This would ensure that you get proper medical attention when required, without worrying about your savings.

How does health insurance click here work?

The purpose of health insurance is to raise finance when a medical emergency strikes. When you purchase a health insurance plan payday loans you are provided with health care card and list of network hospitals where you can avail treatment without paying anything from your own pocket. If you are going for a planned treatment, just intimate your health care provider and the name of network hospital so that your provider can send approval to the hospital authorities in advance and you can seek treatment. In case of emergency treatment, inform the authorities as soon as possible. Even if the approval takes time, go ahead with the treatment and later on file the claim. If you seek treatment in non-network hospital even then you can file a claim and get reimbursement.

How does insurance claim process work?

There are two types of claims:

Cashless settlement: If you avail treatment in network payday loans hospital, the claim is directly settled between the insurance authorities and hospital. This is one of the cheap car insurance best facilities provided by health insurance providers as at times arranging finance at last moment leads click here to delay in treatment which can prove payday loans stressful.

Reimbursement: It may happen that you face an emergency and rush to the nearest hospital to get cheap car insurance the treatment, which is not on the network of your health insurance company.. In this case, you can file a claim click here for reimbursement after discharge.

To file reimbursement you need to submit the following documents in original:

Discharge summary

Lab investigation click here reports

Doctors prescription

Medical bills

While applying for reimbursements pay heed to the following:

Fill in the reimbursement claim form and submit it timely

Check the stipulated time frame in which you need to submit the documents. Generally, it is 30 days post discharge

Read carefully list of all the documents that need to be submitted

Pre and post hospitalization expenses are also covered, so do read the related policy carefully

The insurance claim process is not a tedious task as assumed by many provided you follow the process carefully and timely. Health insurance is a facility for people to make their life easier. Hence, get a comprehensive health insurance and live peacefully.